garden seeds

Garden seeds 2

I love pouring through the seed catalogs this time of year and dreaming about what I might plant in a garden (or on a balcony!). If you can, it's great to start the seeds indoors now and transfer them outside in the spring, after the frost is gone. It's inexpensive and fun! Renee's Garden is a favorite seed source.


  1. do you have any websites to recommend or any advice on starting seeds indoors? my family has tried it in the past but always with little success due to not enough light or heat. i’m sure it can be done inexpensively.

  2. I’m so looking forward to starting my seeds indoors this year. I haven’t done it before. I’m thinking about having an entire mini garden in the dining room hutch. I think I’ll look at seeds this weekend as a matter of fact cause all the grey days have been getting to me lately and some spring time thoughts would help so much.

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