1. *thank you* for posting about ways to assist in relief efforts!

    i’ve been mildly bummed that there haven’t been more posts like yours out there, but alas, every bit helps, so thanks. i texted red cross yesterday and posted about a hospital nw of port-au-prince where my sister worked that needs help, too, if you want to stop by.

    have a great weekend! xo.

  2. The organization I work for (www.genevaglobal.com) is aiming to address the critical need for small-scale electrical power. Our Haiti Earthquake Recovery Fund will purchase and distribute portable solar panels, solar lights and adaptors,allowing earthquake victims to charge phones and radios. Before the earthquake struck, we were already working with 5 local Haitian organizations doing phenomenal work in the areas of community health, economic empowerment (microfinance etc), and environmental sustainability. Our program directors are in communication with these organizations and we are identifying services which will complement large-scale relief efforts currently underway in Haiti.

    Those who donate to the fund will be emailed updates on what is being accomplished on the ground. That way, donors will know the real difference their giving in making in the lives of Haiti earthquake victims. You can learn more on our website: http://www.genevaglobal.com where we’ve developed a donation link and a 1-pager on the activities of the fund. In the coming days we hope to included updates and testimonials from Haiti so that donors can feel as “connected” as possible.

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