have a lovely weekend.

Ballet 3

This weekend holds lots of sweet indulgences. I am looking forward to my second ballet lesson. Last week, I convinced a friend to take a class with me and though I am sure I am pretty bad at it, it's loads of fun.:) What are you all up to this weekend?

Photo from School of American Ballet.


  1. oh that is so much fun and a good workout. when i was little i wanted to take ballet because my best friend was always in recitals with those pretty costumes. my mom couldn’t afford it in addition to my music lessons. so, when i got to college i took dance class three times a week. i was even in a recital. it was so sad as the other members of the class were a bit younger (smaller) than me. so funny, but i did it. enjoy!

  2. I took ballet in college. I loved being at the barre, but in the center I felt like an idiot. I was so, so bad. My teacher said that she saw that I tried really hard… a way to make me feel better I think.

  3. Oh, I took a beginner ballet class in college just for fun. Unfortunately, I was terrible at it and the other students happened to be theatre and dance majors with previous experience. But, I’m sure that bringing an equally unexperienced friend will make all the difference. 🙂

  4. wow, good for you. i tried to get back into ballet (i took it as a kid) when i used to work for a dance company – it was so hard! i felt like i had 3 left feet. 😉

    this weekend i’m going to sketch and maybe work on my spring wardrobe. i have this adorable 70s smock dress pattern that will be perfect for some tiny blue plaid cotton fabric i have.

    happy friday!

  5. ooooh. I can’t wait to see the results of your sketching, Jen!!

    Thanks for all the nice words. It’s fun to hear your ballet experiences. We’ll see if I make it to the end of the class. I am extremely uncoordinated and have rhythm issues:)!!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. ballet is addicting:) it’s the best workout ever! You get the tiniest waist, strongest thighs and strong abs–a knockout combination…not to mention you get REALLY flexible! I have stayed in the best shape all through my pregnancy because I did ballet all before. I hope after giving birth to return to the studio ASAP!!!

  7. Ballet lessons? Amazing!

    I’m sure that taking up ballet will be really rewarding – and fun, too!

    Have a super weekend,

    Agatha x


  8. have a great class! We are doing swim classes with the kids, and then I’m sneaking away with some friends to see a Rembrandt exhibit at the Getty museum — so excited about this!

  9. I was a ballerina as a kid and sometimes regret not following that path… it’s a great exercise for your posture and doesn’t damage your knees because it’s low impact… 🙂

  10. i just started teaching adult ballet lessons… believe me you’re not alone! a lot of the ladies I teach were nervous to start but taking a friend definitely helps 🙂

    ballet’s one of those things… it’s a great work out but it can be tricky. most people either really love it or really hate it!

  11. My Mother took me to ballet and tap when I was so young I didn’t know my right foot from my left! What a disaster.

    So, at 23, in college I found out about an adult class and I went! It was FUN! You will get a tremendous satisfaction that you have done something you have always wanted to do! I did!


  12. Ah! I just started taking ballet too! I had wanted to take ballet since I was little but always felt to shy to actually sign up. I agonized about making the decision to take the class(over several blog posts), but I’m so glad I did. I’m on my 3rd class and I LOVE IT! Even though I’m probably the least coordintated/flexible I still LOVE it! Plus the workout is great!

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog from YellowGoat and I’m really happy for you that you decided to take up ballet.

    I had always wanted to take ballet classes but it never happened and then I thought as an adult, I was too old. But you inspire me.

    Thank you!

  14. What a lovely thread to read and to comment on! I am a retired professional ballet dancer and have been teaching professionally for over 15 years around the world. Currently I run adult ballet classes in West London, UK and have done this for the last seven years. It is such a delight to be able to offer these classes to the community and to see and get to know the many happy faces that pass through the studio doors every week! Whether it is to rekindle a fond memory of movement, to escape with music and exercise from one’s normal tasks and duties, or to learn a new way of exercising and centering oneself, all in all, such a rewarding and uplifting spot in the day for many! I hope that you continue to enjoy your classes. Best wishes, Donna

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