1. i’m so with you on that…my husband and i got to travel to australia last year for the first time. and it was just amazing – the people there are so great. and the design was so inspiring! our trip actually inspired the name of my “hope to one day be up and running” boutique 🙂

  2. as an american, who had the privilege of living in melbourne, victoria for three years…i will tell you that australians have it ALL over americans on so many fronts.

    1. style. australians have style. your average boy/girl has so much more style and panache than the average american. full stop. and the people are so damn friendly, which only makes them more beautiful!

    2. coffee/cafes. wow. such GOOD coffee in australia!!! omg, don’t get me started. it is done old school/ italian style. non of this blended ice jazz in yer coffee.

    3. homes. homes are simple and uncluttered. people do not feel the need to have SO much stuff. if they do, they have been watching too much american tv.

    4. customer service. this is amazing in oz! anywhere you go; the chemist, the bottle shop, the hardware store…it is freaking amazing. employees who are proud of working, actually knowing what they are selling and happy to get you what you need!

    i really could go on and on…

    btw, qantas is having an AMAZING sale to australia right now for $800.00 return/roundtrip.
    check it out.


  3. Yes us Aussies are pretty darn cool – although darn is a very American word haha. Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world and I was lucky enough to call myself a barista there for a few years – I’m so glad to see we are appreciated for two things 1. Simplicity (why overcomplicate things you crazy cats from across the waters?) and 2. Hard work and taking pride in our work, very Australian

  4. Hello!

    I just got a link from Nath at Le Petit Oiseau about this post. I’m very flattered! It was a very lo-key chilled out wedding, a bit hodge-podge but it turned out to be a fun day. I love those shoes but I have to say – people were much more impressed with my husbands outfit rather than mine! Ah well… Good for him.

    Thanks for posting this up Chelsea, and all the lovely comments.

    Anna x

    PS. I’ve not been to Portland but you guys make good music there 🙂

  5. Love your photos! They do a great job conveying the beauty of true love! Glad to see other blogs out there share our passion for wedding advice & photography!

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