1. These are traditional Scandinavian-type ornaments, no? We have some vintage ones from my Norwegian grandmother and my Swedish in-laws…so sweet and simple!

  2. Love these! You mentioned a search for handmade ornaments… Check out today’s post on “Right Through The Very Heart of It”. They are showing great handmade pieces from Ten Thousand Villages. Such a good cause. Hope this helps!

  3. oh, aren’t they sweet? i have collected a few, i got some lovely star ones tied with red wool from a craft market last year, and just this week, i bought three straw pine cones from a charity shop.

  4. I have one of these that my mom had from her grandma or something. They are awfully sweet. My only suggestion is trolling the vintage stores or seeing if there is a craft fair or holiday bazaar nearby. I know up here Pacific Lutheran University has lots of Scandinavian crafters at their bazaar. Maybe a long shot, but you never know!

  5. hi chelsea i get my straw ornaments and garland from a thousand villages and they are beautiful. knowing that they are handmade and that it fare trade makes them even more special. many of my gifts are purchased there!

  6. Just to quote:

    “Yes they are Swedish although kind of European in general. I think the Germans use them a lot too.”

    – this now explains to me and make sense to me why my Dad’s German friend love this too.

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