straw ornaments

Straw ornaments

Straw ornaments are right in line with my Christmas philosophy. They are simple, natural + very inexpensive. This darling set is available at Crate & Barrel. I'd love to find some handmade sources but a search on Etsy came up empty. Any ideas?


  1. These are traditional Scandinavian-type ornaments, no? We have some vintage ones from my Norwegian grandmother and my Swedish in-laws…so sweet and simple!

  2. Love these! You mentioned a search for handmade ornaments… Check out today’s post on “Right Through The Very Heart of It”. They are showing great handmade pieces from Ten Thousand Villages. Such a good cause. Hope this helps!

  3. oh, aren’t they sweet? i have collected a few, i got some lovely star ones tied with red wool from a craft market last year, and just this week, i bought three straw pine cones from a charity shop.

  4. I have one of these that my mom had from her grandma or something. They are awfully sweet. My only suggestion is trolling the vintage stores or seeing if there is a craft fair or holiday bazaar nearby. I know up here Pacific Lutheran University has lots of Scandinavian crafters at their bazaar. Maybe a long shot, but you never know!

  5. hi chelsea i get my straw ornaments and garland from a thousand villages and they are beautiful. knowing that they are handmade and that it fare trade makes them even more special. many of my gifts are purchased there!

  6. I was going to say Ten Thousand Villages, but it looks like someone beat me to it! It’s a great way to support artisans around the world.

  7. Just to quote:

    “Yes they are Swedish although kind of European in general. I think the Germans use them a lot too.”

    – this now explains to me and make sense to me why my Dad’s German friend love this too.

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