Skansen was one of my favorite places to visit in Stockholm. It is a living history museum with the dreamiest bakery, darling grass-roofed houses, moody cafes with peeling wallpaper and candles, arts + crafts studios and farms (with reindeer!). I am so completely charmed by it. More photos here.

P.S. I refer you to Laura Normandin's post for some really pretty photos of Skansen.







  1. No! Don’t stop talking about Sweden. I’ll take all Sweden all the time please. Oh, and you can throw in some Denmark if you like. I honestly wouldn’t mind a bit.

  2. Please don’t stop talking about it! My friend and I spent all last night talking about the wonders of Scandinavia (she was born in Finland, lived there for 5 years, then returned for a year of Uni last year).
    Sweden is my dream country to live in, so I love hearing all about it!!!

  3. only stop if you want to – I would love to hear and see more! My fella and I are planning to visit next summer; he ALWAYS talks about Stockholm and as much as I love hearing and seeing more pictures, I think he loves your photos even more. (He lived and studied there for three months while getting his MA in Architecture.) All the ones he recognizes, he tells me about, too – so I get your version AND his. It’s very cute. =)

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