In Sweden, as soon as it turned cold, everyone had lanterns on their porches and out in front of their shops, and the interiors were filled with candles too. I suggest we adopt this everyday tradition in the Pacific Northwest to help us endure this rainy, dark winter. It makes a world of difference.

Photos by Per Magnus Persson.


  1. I was at Scandinavia House in NYC last week & they had the most beautiful red lanterns on the cafe tables. I think I need to track them down & bring a little Sweden to my home!

  2. I’m voting that this be adopted in Southern CA as well. It’s so incredibly beautiful. How I’d love to have a small shop in a lovely little town.

  3. I happily browsed in blog land and then I ran across your blog – and I had to sit up straight. How lovely isn’t Frolic!! I tried to find out more about your Swedish story, but I didn’t come up with anything. What am I missing?

    I am a happy Swede in Seattle always craving inspiration from particularly my old home couunty. Can’t wait to follow you!

    OX, Monika

  4. These make me think of Denmark and their term “Hygge”, which Wiki describes as “a complete absence of anything annoying, irritating, or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle, and soothing things”

    It’s a major part of why I’m so obsessed with Scandinavia.

  5. Oh how nice! I love them! We could never have candles at home cuz as a child, my dad’s house burned down, and he never let us have any…so I am still hesitant, but I love them!!!!

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