ikea christmas

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The simple, folksy nature of the IKEA holiday line is right up my alley. When I was in Sweden, I went to the world's largest IKEA and got all hyper about all their Christmas decorations. I came home and went straight to the U.S. website and realized we have exactly the same products!:)


  1. Did you know they also have ANNA’S cookies at our Ikea in PDX too? And the Leksands Crispbread in the blue packaging, and the Marabou chocolate, and Pepparkakskola Gingerbread Toffee too. YEA! It’s a Swedish Reunion all at Ikea!!

  2. I love Ikea decorations! I’m using them on my tree this year! I really like the cool lines and clean designs – especially in the hearts ornaments!


  3. IKEA amen!
    What would a Swedish girl abroad do without it!!?
    Thankfully Sydney has opened a gigantic store where I an my Swedish friends go for a good dose of Swedish goodness.


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