project wedding: a holiday wedding at home

Winter wedding 10  

Here's a little article I created for Project Wedding for an at-home winter wedding. To me, it seems like a natural time to have a wedding; family is together and the house is already decorated. It's inexpensive and personal.

DSC_0228 DSC_0147
Another idea I love: instead of a wedding dress, order a bridesmaid's dress in white or cream. It's much cheaper. The dress pictured is absolutely adorable in real life and has pockets!! See full article here.


Thank yous: Sandra + Jon for modeling! The English Dept for the dress. Elizabeth + Sara for assisting. The lovely family in Lake Oswego who let us shoot this at their adorable home.


  1. I’m smitten! And I’ve always wanted a wedding at home ( probably not my parents home, given our massive massive family, but the somewhat larger home of my grandparents, perhaps?).

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