wilkin & sons


Wilkin and sons 

I love the old-fashioned packaging from the English food company, Wilkin & Sons. I just bought some of the brandy butter!


  1. oh! I didn’t know they made all those products…the jams and marmalades are sold in all the supermarkets here (in England) and I’ve always loved their old school labels too. Will have to track down some brown sauce.

  2. I love this brand! … and was so tempted to buy the christmas pudding! sadly it was not in my meager budget. (I saw this line at Fortnum and Masons in London)
    I didn’t know they made tomato sauce!

  3. their jam is really amazing too, i really want to get my hands on their little scarlet strawberry jam, it’s supposed to be THE best strawberry jam ever but it’s also hard to find!

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