helena’s home

Helena house 2 

I've met so many kind + lovely people here in Sweden. Today, I went to tea at a neighbor's home (I met her on the bus!:). Her name is Helena Molund and she's an amazing landscape designer. I was totally smitten with the interiors of her home. Turns out, it's been featured in a million magazines. It's in the current issue of Lantliv (a gorgeous Swedish home magazine!). 

Helena house Helena6

These photos were taken by Mark Scott and are from here, where you can see more photos + details. Thanks for tea, Helena!


  1. I like how simple and clean the swedish style is. And is there anywhere you can get the Lantliv magazine besides Sweden?? I’ve googled it for ages with no luck…

  2. Chloe.. I don’t know! I just barely found out about the magazine and am loving it. Would you like me to pick you up a few copies and I could mail them to you?

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