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Swedish food

I love experiencing a culture through the food so I am excited to bring a few of my new favorites home from Sweden to share with my family over the holiday. Here are a few of the items I am bringing:

Cardamum pepparkakor (gingersnaps).

Kryddost cheese (yummy cheese filled with caraway + cloves).

Organic vanilla + cardamum sugar from Rosendals

Cardamum knäckebröd.

Raspberry + rhubarb marmalade.

Gudbrandsdalen (a Norwegian cheese).

Chokladfabrik truffles (check out the packaging! so cute!).

White Pepper and cardamom chocolate.

Wish I could bring back some of the saffron tomato creme fraiche but it obviously wouldn't travel well!


  1. i love how food represents a culture so well. i love spanish food, because my grandparents are spanish and it’s a way to experience their culture.

  2. No caviar in a tube? 🙂

    If you get a chance, I’d also grab some saft in a wonderful Swedish flavor (I know they sell lingonberry and cloudberry at Ikea, so something like psalmberry). You could also go for jams and such. And smultron! Oh smultron!

  3. White pepper and cardamom chocolate – amazing. I recently had an ancho pepper and dark chocolate bar. That heat and the cream of the chocolate are such a beautiful blend.

    Wish I could have been invited to the “inappropriate” Harold and Maude/The Graduate party;-)

  4. My Swedish stepfather has introduced all of us to pepparkakor and knackebrod, neither of which I knew how to spell until now. So much fun.

  5. so cute! I used to always stop at this “Scandia Cafe” in Salt Lake City and get little food items imported from there, so fun…even the mints were in adorable little boxes.

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