project wedding: a simple santorini wedding


When I was in Greece, I jumped at the chance to put together a super simple wedding/elopement story for Project Wedding. I love the idea of spending your dollars on a pretty location, finding an inexpensive dress (My friend Amber and I bargained for this dress and it ended up costing just 20 Euros!), and just celebrating with only your closest friends and family. This could definitely be done on the cheap! 

 Thank you so much to Amber and Gary for modeling and my friend, Jenny for helping! Also thanks so much to Kamares Apartments for letting us take the photos at their lovely hotel in Fira, Santorini. See full story on Project Wedding and more photos on Flickr.


  1. This is totally the way to do it. I can’t imagine anything more perfect that a beautiful location, a simple dress, families and really close friends, and marrying the man I love without agonizing over the details.

  2. you have great note book blog with frolic.

    i added you to my own links on my weddingblog, hope this is ok with you.

    great to see your posts

    best wishes!


    * note i do keep my blog without my name, due to that my work and private are both online, i try to keep them separate a bit, hope you understand- for if you would possible link me, please never under my Judith name.

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