happy weekend!


Hope you have a lovely fall weekend and a happy Halloween! I have to admit, I am not a big Halloween fan so my plans will involve something along the lines of hibernating in my little cottage and trying to stay warm! Have fun this weekend! What are you dressing up as???

Polaroids from my Flickr.


  1. Ha! Well, stay warm… We’ll be running around the neighborhood trying to keep up with a sugar-crazed 5 year old astronaut and his pals. I think dinner with our friends is going to require a glass of wine or two before we brave the Halloween madness!


  2. I am not a fan either!
    Bela look cute though!
    have a peaceful weekend!

    I could not make a comment of your Flowers and Checks post for some reason…..I was going to say
    “my kind of outfit”

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