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For the past two weeks, I've been in Crete with four friends (Jenny, Lizzy + Amber). I feel like we didn't quite discover the real Crete until the last day or so but it was lovely all around (despite getting almost all of my clothes locked up forever at a laundromat!)  Here are a few favorites:

Our apartment. Lovely. Charming. Cheap. I already miss opening up the windows, "Room with a View" style every morning.

-Eating lots and lots of yogurt + honey +  also dolmas made by my friend Jenny.

-Road trips through scary cliffs and stunning views in our rented Fiat.

– Rummaging through antique textiles at this shop + viewing more at the Folklore Museum.

-Discovering a secret garden.

-Swimming at Elafonisis. Pink sand. Aqua, clear water. A heavenly beach!

-Encountering herds of goats and sheep in the road.

-Having an entire village run out of their houses to give us directions!

-Sneaking into an orange grove and eating fresh picked oranges!

Goodbye, Crete! I miss you already!

Photo of my friend Amber. She is wearing a traditional Cretan apron! Also the bag is Eliza Gran. More photos on my Flickr.


  1. I lived in Greece for 6 months in college (yeah, so it was like a decade ago), and I STILL have dreams about Elafonisis and all things Greek food.

    I am so jealous…

  2. thx for the nice comments everyone! i am back to sweden soon but currently on another greek island. i didn’t bring many clothes overseas and am honestly pretty sick of wearing them so when i couldn’t get in touch with the laundromat, i welcomed a chance to buy new things:) for now i am wearing dresses, which were luckily saved!

  3. your trip looks fantastic! and, it’s so cool that you took a trip while staying in sweden, which is kind of like an extended trip. i ramble. you are convincing me that apartments are the way to go vs. hotel rooms. enjoy your weekend!

  4. I lived on Crete for a while during a work-study program in college–it is a completely enchanting place. I miss it too! So glad you were able to experience it!!!

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