the last days of summer!


I am getting nervous that the weather is going to turn cold soon! There are still so many summery things left to do. I still want to:

-Eat a lot more fresh berries.

-Go row-boating.

-Do more swimming.

-Go camping.

-Have more picnics!

How about you? What's on your summer to do list?

Photo by Frank Herholdt.


  1. One last bike ride along the River Thames, would be lovely. Dog in the front basket, picnic in the back basket. Stopping for a beer at Richmond and finishing up with afternoon tea at Petersham nurseries.
    The loveliest way to spend a summer afternoon in London.
    I’m willing it to happen.

  2. omg i can’t belive it’s sept…. I want to still dine alfresco, enjoy a cold beer after work, lay in the sun by a pool, and wear sandals til my toes freeze!

  3. sounds silly but keep my tan as long as possible. I normally don’t even notice when I have one and when I don’t but such cold and long chicago winters have made me crazy for those bathing suit strap marks!!

  4. I would kill for a straight week of chilling at a cottage on the beach, cooking with friends, playing games, sitting by the fireside, spending all day devouring the pages of a good book. I’ve had mini bursts of vacation this summer, but never a full week of it. I did just come back from a wonderful birthday weekend getaway, but alas, it was far too short.

  5. I know! My summer started on August 1st, and now it’s already September… I want to not have to put shoes on for another week, to smell honeysuckle in the breeze, to swim in an ocean or pond at least twice everyday, to spend all evening laughing over a long and languorous meal…

  6. the one thing I have yet to do this summer is hang my wash out to dry in the sun. I know it seems so silly, but it makes me feel nostalgic and summery just thinking about it!

  7. Spend the day and night in one of the cottages at Indian Springs Calistoga, take a random day off work and just putter around a warm house, eat outside (more often), cook on the grill, and read books on the porch. Luckily here in the SF Bay Area we have the two best months of ‘summer’ upon us!! 😉

  8. Aw, there’s so much I still want to do before summer ends. Sadly, I won’t make it to the NC coast for my family’s usual vacation, but I am going camping this weekend. S’mores makes everything okay 🙂

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