reflective vest


Bobbin 3

Have you ever heard of a reflective vest that is cute? I hadn't, until I saw this darling nautical vest over at Bobbin Bicycles. You can tie it on when you ride your bike home at night so you can be safe but also look adorable!


  1. So pretty – I love the ribbons!

    Once a person left a note on my parked bike that said, “Would you mind telling me where you bought this bobbins?” with his phone number. I did not know what he meant by “bobbins” at the time. 🙂

  2. this is brilliant. why is safety wear so often just ugly? although i might feel silly biking around town in a sailor collar–although maybe no one would notice in the dark (and maybe this will inspire me to design a cute reflective vest that is more ‘me’!).

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