cozy kitchens

I recently read a post by Rita Konig over at the NY Times blog about having real furniture in a kitchen. I always thought I wanted a kitchen to be a bit more sterile but the idea of making it a bit more cozy is growing on me. I quite like how Rita's kitchen turned out and  I love this room styled by Christine Rudolph. I think it's a kitchen! 


  1. I like a cozy kitchen but I do freak out a little about cleanliness and organization in a kitchen.

    I think it depends on your cooking style. I’ll take cozy in the rest of the house and have my kitchen sparse and organized.

  2. I’d totally have a cozy kitchen if I weren’t in an apartment right now. I think that as long as the surfaces you work on and cook on are sterile, it’s okay to put other things in the kitchen to make it feel more inviting. I definitely wouldn’t want things in the way (bumping into things and running around them is never fun), but if you can function as a cook, I think it’s all good.

  3. hello dream kitchen, come over to the nest and stay a while…or maybe bring the rest of the house and replace the nest? swooning over here.

    ps – our kitchen in its tiny splendor is cozy and it is a first for me. i was hesitant but i LOVE it.

  4. I adore real furniture in the kitchen! I don’t have a ‘real’ kitchen right now, just a little strip of apartment-sized appliances, but I dream of a kitchen that’s warm and inviting, where I can read cookbooks in a corner and display knick-knacks in an old upright wardrobe-like shelf 🙂

  5. I read this book when I was younger in which the main character had a sofa tucked beside a wood stove in her kitchen. For some reason that image sparked a great interest in ‘cozy kitchens’ for me.

    I like the idea that if I’m cooking or baking and other people want to chat, they can hang out with me comfortably. However, I tend to shy away from this concept because I think it could easily eat up too much workspace unless the kitchen was really big.

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