Beach 3

I apologize for the light posting this week. Hopefully things will be back to normal on Monday. Yesterday I decided to be irresponsible and drop everything to spend the day at the coast. It was super lovely. The ocean is something near and dear to me but I don't often make the time to go. I am signing off for the 4th of July weekend. Hope you have a fantastic one!


Polaroid by me.


  1. I love this poloroid. My sister just recieved film yesterday in the mail and I can’t wait to start taking pictures. Hope you had a good day relaxing on the coast and hope you have a good 4th of July.

  2. just wanted to say thanks for the stamping idea from your previous post. i don’t have a printer and have lousy handwriting so i was stuck as to how to make my labels look good.

  3. Good for you for taking the time to enjoy a lovely weekend. Sometimes it’s good to take time off from blogging about lovely things and actually experience them!

  4. oh i am so so jealous
    i am pineing for the sea and the sea breeze in my hair
    but i am glad someone else will be truely enjoying it

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