1. Jamie O. is a constant source of inspiration (and a constant source of lustful urges too…I’m a sucker for british guys with a sweet baby face! and i love his overuse of the word ‘mate’.)

    Seriously though, his cookbooks are some of my faves in my collection–jamie’s italy is especially good.

    And did you know he’s on twitter? his tweets are hi-larious! http://twitter.com/jamie_oliver

  2. omg minted pea yogurt dip?! that sounds amazing. i’m really trying to eat healthier this summer (well, forever, technically – but, baby steps!) i love everything jamie oliver does. i’ve always been a fan of his shows, and books. i don’t know why but i never even thought to look up his website before now (duh!)

  3. Whoa–synchronicity! I had a great pea surplus and made an enormous batch of this for the 4th.

    I love tzatziki so I got inspired to add some garlic to this. At first I worried that I had made a big mistake and that the sweetness of the peas would be weird with the garlic. I ran out of yoghurt so I had added some chevre. Oh, and I also threw some cilantro in there.

    Anyway, it was a big hit. I highly recommend the recipe and it’s great on french bread if you don’t have access to the cute crudite.

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