have a relaxing weekend!

Pure style

Are you doing anything exciting or fun this weekend? I am trying to toss more of my possessions (sorting seems to be a never ending task!). You may see some items show up at my tag sale again soon. I am also going to start packing up my backpack. My trip is just around the corner!! Thanks for reading this week. I will see you back here on Monday!


Photo from Pure Style.


  1. have a great weekend! you must be getting so excited for your trip! xo i’m going to see 500 days of summer tonight. not sure whether it will be great or terrible, but crossing my fingers!

  2. i’m so excited for your trip! a good friend of mine lives in stockholm. at least i can enjoy sweden through your lovely photos!

  3. I have been filling bags for Goodwill for DAYS!!! Its addictive to clean out your closet.

    Especially nice to do before going away- have so much fun!

  4. De-cluttering is so invigorating! A book I love (Clear your Clutter) made me clean and toss solidy for a week (truly, seven days straight), before I had even finished reading it.

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