I spent a very idyllic childhood in NH so my heart goes pitter patter every time I read about Elmwood, Amy Merrick's family home in NH. It's straight out of Anne of Green Gables, or maybe Little Women. Flowered wallpaper. Canoes. Vintage dresses. China plates. It's dreamy. Check out more photos and details on Amy's blog,  Ginny Branch's blog and The Snail and the Cyclops.


  1. couldn’t agree more. glad to know that some of sensibilities haven’t changed since the age of 7…anything with a woodstove and a big old work table makes my heart all a flutter! as i would have sald then, “it’s just like in old-fashioned times!”

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw that picture on the top right was Anne of Green Gables. And then I thought, I want a farmhouse.

    Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pretty post. Interesting coincidence: Lady Slipper orchid mentioned in Amy’s posts as official flower of New Hampshire — it is also the official flower of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island – fictional home of Anne of Green Gables. Headed to PEI for vacay on Fri – can’t wait!

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