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I've got my upcoming trip to Sweden on the mind today (am even listening to some Swedish language CD's, oh dear!). I am going to be spending a little bit of time in Stockholm and have already had so many wonderful blogging friends send over suggestions (thank you!!). But, I just wanted to check with you all to see if you have any ideas of something I absolutely should not miss.  I like food a lot, cute shops/neighborhoods and parks!  Thank you so much!

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  1. Just stayed at hotel rival, was great! (the cafe is perfect )
    and there is a fantastic fabric shop around the corner! (sorry, i will have to look up the name : )

  2. hi!
    I Love Stockholm, my older brother has lived there for 16 years and I and my family regularly visit him from London, usually at least once or twice a year.

    Stockholm is one of the places where I have always thought I would love to live and everytime I go I fall more in love with it, the way of life, the design scene and my brother who now has two swedish little boys adores it there.

    My top must see is Chokladkoppen
    This is one of my favourite places anywhere, its on the best square in the old town is Stockholm called Gamla Stan (the old town alone is worth at least two days dedicated walking). Chokladkoppen is enchanting, have a big bowl of hot chocolate and a kanelbullar (cinnamon bun).

    Another personal favourite is Melanders Blommor, this is the ultimate florists, their creativity blows my mind everytime I visit (I even walk past at night just to press my nose up against the window and have a serious/stalkerish gaze inside). The website doesn’t do it justice

    Another fabulous area is Ostermalmsgatan, here there is an incredible food hall This is truly a treasure, like a market crossed with a delicatessen and a food hall, here I always buy the jars of homemade lingonberry jam to eat with meatballs.

    I also always visit Skansen, the outdoors museum and home to an outdoors zoo highlighting native animals and also showcases traditional Swedish homes, you will need your walking shoes on but this is so, so worth the visit, especially at this time of year as the petting zoo is open full of baby animals including a little run of kittens!

    I have about a million recommendadtions, e mail me if you’d like more, i don’t want to overwhelm you!


  3. I could go on for days, but will list just a few of the highlights we enjoyed… Happy planning!

    Lao Wai

    Granit and surrounding area


    Rent a Bicycle here

    And the one must-see sight:

  4. I love Stockholm. Everyone speaks English and is so friendly. I stayed in Södermalm in the dead of winter. I remember wondering the streets, peering into the windows of people’s homes, offices, studios. Such chich interiors. Bon voyage!

  5. What brings you to Sweden? I just moved back here last week! Stockholm is one of my very favorite cities. I recommend spending some time relaxing and picnicking in Djurgården. I also love Södermalm, as the others have said, but I grew up spending summers in Östermalm. Take a peak in Svenskt Tenn. So expensive, but worth a trip in to look around even if you don’t want to buy.

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