1. wow, this is really gorgeous. i’m loving that slate gray more and more these days.

    and, this picture reminded me of the cover of anne of green gables. =) good memories.

  2. hehehe, me too! I like men’s leather accessories better, and cologne too! (well you know, the old fashioned european kinds, I don’t go around wearing Old Spice.)

  3. I loooove man bags! I have several. I’m always checking out the accessory section for men.

    I carry a lot of things, so these bags are great.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thats so funny you did this post, I was just telling my fiance a few weeks ago the same exact thing while we were in J.Crew…. Everytime I see one of their men’s “weekenders” or vinatge “doctor” bags I go crazy! lol Great post, these bags are fantastic!

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