project wedding: summer at the farm


Here is my latest table for Project Wedding. I love using Geraniums as a cut flower. They are cheapity cheap and they never wilt! See full story here.


  1. Tia, I was just at a farm wedding two days ago {!} and it was no more buggy than any other outdoor wedding. And not stinky! Not a bit! Blooming trees made the air smell like sweet dreams and little babes. It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended 🙂

  2. I geraniums with the milk bottles are LOVELY! Whenever I see your table settings, I think “oh, this is my favorite”. But really, my favorite one is always just the one I happen to be looking at because they are all so fabulous.

  3. I love these colors. I would love to get married at a farm, and have a reception in a great barn. That would be so great. Too bad I’m already married.

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