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I've been doting on this Gotland cottage for months now. It's just the sort of place I'd love to live. And, I am not talking about a vacation home. I'd fill it with some hand me down furniture, add a bit of coziness, and keep it lively with plants and fresh flowers. I love the idea of starting with something simple and pretty and making the most of it. No need to go overboard with curtains and fancy furniture, this cottage has all I need (including a century-old lilac).

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  1. be still my heart!

    Chelsea, this is so lovely! Where on Gotland is it? My relatives live in Stenkyrka, but my great uncle works in Visby at the historical museum.

  2. this is little cottage is beautiful. I too would love to live there. Maybe not with two children and a tall husband though. So before children!

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