vintage children’s fashion + mother’s day!

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Looking through some old photos last night, I was totally inspired by all the colors and patterns my mom used to dress my sisters and me in, in the late '70's and early '80's.  She sewed almost everything I wore until I was 18. I still look at the photos and love all the clothes. Thanks, Mom + Happy Mother's Day!


I love the plaids and stripes and the green + yellow shoes!

P.S. The photos are all of my adorable sisters/m+d.


  1. My mom sewed a lot for us as kids too. I think I need to rummage around in the old photo albums! What pretty things she made for you!

  2. These are so so cute-love that red dress. You were adorable!
    My mother also sewed a lot of our clothes, makes me a little sad that I do not know how to sew!

  3. Thanks, Nina. That’s my sister, Erika! I couldn’t find many pictures of me during this period. These are all taken before everyone got really bad hairdos.

  4. So lovely… I look back at my childhood photos and love all that I was wearing too. And at times I can even see how they influenced my taste in clothes today.

  5. Awesome. Love the ‘old school’ tent. Hahaha. I remember how musty they used to smell after coming out of winter hibernation in the garage.
    Adorable outfits too. You’re mom is really good at color coordination.

  6. So lovely! The little dress/tops are the cutest! I wish I could sew. My mom used to hand-make all my halloween costumes, duvet covers, curtains, and knit us baby sweaters! Maybe that is not a lot, but for a daughter who can barely sew buttons, I am amazed by her and your mom too!

  7. I love these pictures…It is so fun to look back on old family pictures and see what has changed. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. Mmmm… this little fact about your childhood makes what you do now make so much sense. Lovely. My mom made much of our clothes too.

  9. SOOO SOOO Cute. I was just searching vintage kids fashion what I came across your post. This is totally the era that inspires my label free range baby.

    You and your siblings were too cute! Your mum obviously had great taste too!

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