the stylings of a three-year old


My niece is the coolest. She's a spunky girl who loves searching for roly poly bugs and going fishing but she also loves ballet and pretty dresses.

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She has quite the eye for putting together an outfit. It was all her idea to wear this apron top over a dress. 


Millie trademarks: Leggings or pants are always worn under dresses and pink camo boots are paired with everything!


All clothes by the lovely Misha Lulu. More gushing Aunt photos on my Flickr.


  1. Oh, she is just beautiful! My almost 3 year old is way into the leggings under dress thing as well. She refuses to wear pants, so it is the only way we can keep her legs warm. Her shoes of choice are patent leather mary janes, aka “Madeline shoes”. I love to see where small children find inspiration. Mille is sure to be a fashion icon!

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