john anderson beavers

John Anderson Beavers loves to take photos + Super 8 movies of his wife and daughter, often in Maine. It's all really sweet and the photography is gorgeous. Check out his photo stream and videos

P.S. I just bought a Super 8 camera and am learning how to use it today! If any of you have tips or sources for photo processing + transferring, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Develop it at WalMart for $7 (they send it away for 3 weeks)then project it onto the wall and record it with an HD camcorder.

  2. I use Yale film & video for all of my super 8 processing & transferring. I have them convert to mini dv tapes, which I can then capture digitally onto my computer through my camcorder. Highest quality, and reasonably priced. LOVE them. Have fun!

  3. Chelsea, PC or Mac? I found a couple of ‘free’ video capture downloads at CNET, editor’s choices too!

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