flower of the week: viburnum


Viburnum (snowball trees) are great to arrange with because they are so lush and full. Just remember to give them a nice clean diagonal cut with clean shears and then a little vertical slice, just like you would with lilacs. For this arrangement, I mixed them with:

Green Hellebores
Lily of the Valley
Heuchara Blossoms
Blueberry Blossoms
Strawberry Blossoms + Greens
Lemon Balm
Sweet Woodruff

I placed it in a handmade cream-colored, ceramic container and I think it suits the arrangement perfectly.


Hope you Enjoy!


  1. I absolutely enjoy! This is beautiful. I never knew what those lovely flowers were called. Virburnum… I’ll have to remember that. And is there a more precious flower than Lily of the Valley??

  2. What kind of shears do you recommend? Is there one type that is best? My lilacs might have lasted longer if I had taken better care after getting them home.

    oh, and love the colors!

  3. oh, so beautiful! i needed a little mental break from my job right now and thought “chelsea will have something perfect.” and i was right. thank you!

  4. Regarding the “little vertical slice”: Do you cut a slice into the stem up how far? Only one slice so the bottom is in two halves? Had I done this, my lilacs probably would have lasted at least a day longer.

    Also, water temperature…what is a good temperature water for flowers?

  5. I love it. This is the first time I have noticed the flower of the week. I like it a lot I will keep my out for it now.

  6. v.g. questions sara!

    The slice should be about an inch. Just to sort of split the stem. Some people suggest crushing the stems since they are woody, but that sort of destroys their method of drinking water. This is just a more subtle approach and it usually works really well for me.

    I like to use very cold water if the flowers are already opened quite a bit and I want them to last. If I want them to open, I use lukewarm and if I am reviving somthing half-dead I submerge it in very hot water.

    OK, hope that helps!!

  7. Hee! Rich- probably because it’s more like a flower of the month. I am not very good at keeping it up. There is a category to the left that houses all the posts though if you are interested:)

  8. oh this is so pretty and delicate! i love your ‘flower of the week’ feature, i never knew what these lovelies were called.

  9. what exquisite bouquets ~ delightfully fresh!

    i especially love each little blossom on the virburnums ~ a bouquet themselves …

    the first image is a particularly lovely composition …

    thank you thank you!

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