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Shana, a Frolic! reader, recently eloped with her boyfriend, now husband, to North Carolina. She wrote me this morning to share the photos. The whole thing is so simple, so lovely and so romantic, I couldn't wait to share them with you!

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Shana and her husband dated in college, parted ways- living abroad and traveling the world separately. Seven years later, they were serendipitously reunited. When they decided to get married, both were determined not to get caught up in all the hoopla of the wedding industry. The wedding was planned in three weeks.

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Thank you for sharing your photos, Shana! Congratulations! To see more photos of their day and find out more details, visit their photo album.

Photography by Honour Mann of HH Fine Arts.


  1. Thanks for posting the lovely photos. I applaud them for pulling off such a romantic, private wedding & not giving in to the huge hoopla that people do. Some of today’s wedding are more like a circus, or a media event. The first photo with the church is stunning. Best of luck to them

  2. i’m completely in love with the idea. and that photo of her barefoot on the bench or pew? perfection. congrats to the happy couple for not getting caught up in bridal insanity!

  3. For some reason this post reminds me of my sister and her husband. I love the whole idea and concept of it. Lovely.

  4. So cute… did they have a photographer there?
    These pics are great! This is exactly what I would want + about 30 or 40 friends…. a nice small wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, Daniella, they had a professional photographer. I think it is a great idea to keep some of the pretty details, have a great photographer to record the moment but keep the rest ultra simple!

  6. I loved photographing this couple!
    Small and intimate weddings are my most favorite…Shanna and Scott are so adorable. Shanna makes the most amazing bread too!

  7. Absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! GORGEOUS couple….simple… devine..the BEST!! Congrats. to you both!!

  8. What a beautiful story and pictures. What was the serendipitous ocassion that brought these two back together?

  9. wonderful! love the simple approach… more focus on the two happy people!!!

    I did the extra simple approach and felt like I needed something bigger for our one year anniversary… but learned I didn’t…

  10. This was a wonderful story. We manufacture custom magnets and a good majority of our business comes from Save the date magnets. This item would be better geared for those who are planning out their wedding as opposed to eloping. There is still a mysterious magnificence to the eloping method that seems very adventurous.

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