graham & spencer


Graham and Spencer makes this lovely spring frock. The puffed sleeves on it seem more wearable than most of the puffy styles. And while, I am on that subject, I'd love it if Anthropologie would carry something other than blouses with big gathered sleeves and/or ruffles. They are cute on the hanger but unflattering if you have normal person arms like me.


  1. I’m pretty sure her name is Angelika or something. I think she was on that Petra show on TLC and wasn’t so much fun…

    I love the dress!

  2. ugh…I feel ya!
    puffy sleeves = good on almost no one.
    I often find myself buying sleeveless dresses and just adding a thin turtleneck of tee underneath.

  3. i know what you’re saying – the poofy shoulders don’t work on me either.
    i do like the dress you posted!! i usually like graham & spencer anyway.

  4. Thanks. I clicked on all the links on the Graham and Spencer website but I couldn’t find this dress. Did the picture you found have a description or name for the dress? Thanks! Love your blog!!!

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