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So, I made myself a new website a few weeks ago. I really have no clue what I am doing. For instance, don't ask me why the fonts are showing up differently on PC's than on Mac's. I am still tinkering with it but am enjoying the simple format and will be updating it as I complete more projects. 


  1. chelsea i just came from your new site. gosh i cannot express how beautiful your work is. It is the freshest of ingredients prepared it the loveliest way!!!

  2. I love the little arrows. A nice touch! It feels good to be able to do this kind of thing yourself, doesnt it!

  3. I like it from my work pc and when I get home I will have to check it out on my mac. Love the freshness and simplicity of the coloring.

  4. Love, love, LOVE. The site is clean and simple, and showcases your amazingly gorgeous work perfectly. If I ever have a site, I want it to be like this one. Great job!!

  5. Chelsea! I love it and especially the ease of navigation! Oh! The font thing… it’s a pain, yes? You probably need to make them .jpg’s so that they are compatible across the board. I’m going to email you in a sec.

  6. Hey Chelsea – Nice job on the new site! In re: to the font issue – you have probably selected a font that isn’t available across operating systems (a font generally has to be available on a user’s hard drive in order for them to be able to see/use it).

  7. hi chelsea! i’ve been a big fan of your work, and clicked over to your new website from black eiffel. others have already commented on the problem (using a font not available on all systems — it is on mine though, looks lovely), but the web developer who is helping me code my own portolio site says there are some tricks around it that will allow someone to see the proper font without making those actual images. if you want i can ask her for you! just let me know =)

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