sneak peek: one more


I couldn't resist sharing just one more image from a phenomenal shoot yesterday.

Photographer: Lisa Warninger

Dresses: (fashion styling, hair/makeup): Elizabeth Dye

Hair Accessories: Twigs & Honey

Model: Anna Adams 

Location: The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel

Props + Set: Me and my assistant Jaime (she lovingly plastered the pages of my Victorian poetry book on that wall!)


  1. Chelsea, you are so talented! I can see you’ve been busy… what a beautiful shoot. I love the soft and dreamy feeling of the images…

  2. The softness and ethereal quality that wall gives just enhances the loveliness of the dress. Good job everyone. I love it!

  3. I just found your blog for the first time, and it is so pretty to look at! I love all the beautiful flower shots you’ve posted. I really want to get myself some violets now. 🙂

  4. SO beautiful! This is just too pretty.

    I fixed the photo credit! Thank you for the heads up 🙂

    I let my readers know that Nicole was the photographer and you were the stylist! Thank you!!!

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