lyell spring 09



Lovely new looks from Lyell. I am especially fond of the styling in the top photo.

P.S. I wish we would allow models to eat more food.


  1. I know, I am getting increasingly concerned about the ages and weights of these models I am coming across! Let’s throw a few 25 year olds and size 6’s in at the very least!

  2. ha – your PS = my first thoughts.

    when I see things like this lately, I wonder: are these beautiful clothes only beautiful on girls (note: not women) who are sickly-thin?

  3. “P.S. I wish we would allow models to eat more food”

    Oh, come now- then they would be far less intriguing…

  4. i was at the shop once while they were interviewing a model for a shoot, and you know what they say about the camera adding ten pounds….

    anyway, beautiful collection, even better styling.

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