flower of the week: sweet violets


As you know, I adore sweet violets. I am sorry that you've already seen these recently but I thought I'd share a few more pictures for my Flower of the Week series. Violets don't last long (3 days) but they are so worth it for their fragrance and charm. I like to leave their stems extra long for a wild look. 

P.S. Here are some other posts I've written about violets.



  1. I love violets too! Plus purple is my favorite color! I love the way the flowers are arranged. My imagination takes me to a beautiful sunny day, where flowers surround, and the desire to pick a few, is just irresistible! Thank you for your post! Isn’t spring just wonderful?

  2. Love these photos. Violets were always my favorite ever since I was little–I’d collect postcards with paintings of violets. Your photos remind me of them. So pretty.

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