diy flower workshop in atlanta

Jose villa 2

Lately, I've just been adoring Once Wed. This wedding site has grown into such a lovely, lovely place.  Today, Emily announced a DIY  flower workshop in Atlanta for couples who want to create their own flowers for their wedding. If you are in the area, sign up! It will be taught by the amazingly talented Joy Thigpen and it's such a great deal.

Photo by Jose Villa via Once Wed.


  1. I feel so alone here on the east coast… all of the wonderful classes that my favorite bloggers like you, Nicole Hill, Jordan Ferney and other blog about are practically a country away! Until now, that is. I’m going to check into this 🙂 Thanks!

  2. The right flower given on the right occasion may convene even more than you think! Whether you want to say “I love you” or want to express sympathy, friendship, or any other emotion, flowers are a timeless and beautiful way to show that you care about someone very special.

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