collage + weekend



Do you read Not Paper? It's a blog all about collage. Swoon! Today they featured the charming work of Tom Moglu. These paper bundles he makes are the coolest.

 Thank you to lovely April for interviewing me on her blog this week. Don't forget to enter the Print + Press giveaway. The winner will be chosen tomorrow.

Are you up to anything fun this weekend? I will be working for most of it but I also get to spend time with my sister and her darling children! Kids can drive me nuts but being around them is often the best stress relief for me too. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Hey, I read your blog as well! (I’m from Notpaper). That post was a bit confusing, because my name is April too, but spelled Aprile. So I was like, wait, did I interview you this week? I don’t remember that!


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