1. Its such a good reminder. I myself prefer images over text as well, but this poster in a study or a busy hallway may actually be quite practical 🙂

  2. I have a hard time looking at the price tag for this and not guffawing…even the thought of paying ANYTHING for something like this. Not to discredit an artist, but anyone would be able to pen this same mantra for the cost of the paper. Spending $40 to have 3 words hanging on your wall? Not a fan. At all.

  3. Thanks for your comment,Chelsea. Everyone considers art to be something different, I guess. To each their own!

    On another note, this blog is meant as a space for inspiration. I rarely if ever pay attention to prices when I post things. It’s more about appreciating something lovely.

  4. thanks for the post Chelsea! I’m usually not a fan of poster art either, just thought it was a good message, i often have to remind myself to breathe!

  5. thanks for your comment chelsea! glad you like my etsy shop… 🙂 this poster is nice, very simple, and clean. sometimes the simplest things are the best design!

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