lisa hannigan concert

Lisa hannnigan

I saw Lisa Hannigan last night! For the first time ever in my concert-going history, there were chairs and no crowds. I walked in two minutes before she got on stage. It was lovely.


  1. A note to East Coast readers–her eastern tour mates the Low Anthem are utterly fantastic, too. Thanks for the heads up on the tour, Chelsea! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Amelia! I am checking out their music now!

    Let me know what you think,Jane. The only song I didn’t like was a rendition of The Lady is a Tramp. she had 4 guys playing with her and a few times they weren’t all melding very well together.But overall, I loved it and thought her voice was just wonderful live!

  3. Cheni- I know I thought it would be full! But, selfishly.. I loved not having to push my way through hundreds of sweaty drunk people:)And I loved that I didn’t get their early and still had a fantstic view!

  4. Yeah, I was at the show last night and Lisa was wonderful and SO sweet when she was signing autographs after the show. Oh, and I loved her cover of The Lady is a Tramp plus the Iron & Wine cover she closed with was amazing. Lastly, I find it extremely odd that you’ve never been to a show with seats before … but maybe I’m thinking more about places that already have seats like The Aladdin. Glad you liked the show and too bad you missed her opening act – Gavin Glass – who played guitar in her band. He was really great, too.

  5. Hi JK-

    I am sorry I missed the opening act too! I may be exaggerating a bit but most of the shows I go to require me to stand unless I get there super early (plus I love being up close so balconies are usually not an option for me). Been to the Alladin a few times and yes you are right they do have chairs. Yes I agree the Iron & Wine cover was delectable.

  6. I love Lisa, although I have to admit I don’t know too much of her solo work, but I adore all the work she’s done with Damien Rice. One of my favourite songs of all time is Your Ghost. Sigh, so pretty!

  7. ah gutted! i was just introduced to her by mrs french from bliss and have been in love with her I don’t know song! Awww! Hope Ms Hannigan returns to PDX soon!

  8. For anyone who actually reads this in time and missed Lisa here this week, she’s on the Tonight Show tonight … as in Wednesday. Just so you know —

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