1. I’m completely fantasizing about black doors recently. Odd, but true. I love when lilacs are in bloom. The streets here are filled with them and smell gorgeous in the evenings.

  2. Wasn’t this issue one of their best ever! Each and every piece was perfection (though I wasn’t in love with the Nina Campbell interiors but to each his own.)

    Sob! I can’t believe it’s really over!

  3. Please post more images from the last Domino issue — I can’t find it anywhere and I would love to SEE what I am missing!!! Please!!! (:

  4. I love lilacs with a pure, sweet love that can only come through early childhood exposure. It’s kind of like my relationship with LM Montgomery and grosgrain and Jack Purcell’s. Those first loves and senses just stay with you.

  5. Yes,Emma I feel the same way about lilacs. We had tons of them at our house in NH when I was young.

    Tara- I can send you my extra copy if you can’t find one! Let me know!

    Sarah- I am loving The World of Interiors, Gourmet..still looking for a replacement though:)

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