winter at luscher farm: school girls




I found out that Polaroids don't develop or develop really weirdly in the cold. That's why some of them have white splotches. I actually really like the white splotches in this case but it caused lots of other problems. Do any of you real photographers have tips for me? Thanks!:)


  1. My land camera came with a Polariod Cold-Cip #193. It says “use for color pictures at 65 degrees and below. Preheat cold clip in a warm pocket for 5 minutes. Immediately after pulling fil, place picture packing in cold clip”.. maybe just put the pictures inside a coat pocket while developing.. who knows!

  2. I love these ones!
    There is something called a “cold clip” that you can get that is supposed to prevent this…I’ve found slipping them into a lined pocket does the same thing though 🙂
    I love the splotches…part of the magic. I’m gonna look around and see if I have an extra cold clip for you, though.

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