i love you, panna cotta.

Donna hay _ panna cottaEdf_jun06_des_panna_lPanna cotta gourmet

Panna Cotta is probably my all-time favorite dessert. Every time I get the chance to dine at Papa Haydn, I order it. I love the simplicity of it's presentation, and more importantly it tastes heavenly, especially in the early summer when the strawberries are in season.

1. White Chocolate with Poached Pears, Donna Hay
2. Honey Yogurt Panna Cotta, Martha Stewart
3. Strawberry Panna Cotta, Gourmet

Martha has a recipe for every type of Panna Cotta imaginable, here.


  1. Hi Bonnie + Leigh,

    I LOVE Kumquats. They are so pretty right now and I never would have though to pair them with Panna Cotta. Thanks for the vegan recipe. I try to be vegan when I can!

  2. Panna Cotta just isn’t the same for me ever since the waitress at the Wonder Cafe referred to it as “vasectomy on a plate.”

    Pretty pictures, though. Donna Hay always has pretty pictures.

  3. Someday let’s have a Portland blogger meetup at Papa Haydn and eat Panna Cotta and not talk to each other because we’re focusing on the DELICIOUSNESS. Deal?

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