paint your door

Inside door aqua

I never thought about painting inside doors. If you happen to love white walls like me, this is a great way to add a punch of color. And, if you live in a rental, when you move out you only have to re-paint a door instead of an entire apartment!

Photos 1- Cottage Living/Morning's Light Blog 2- Christopher Maya, via Seesaw Designs via The Little Green Notebook.


  1. this is such a great idea! we have two interior glass-paned doors that would be perfect.

    i am trying to stick with an all-grey color scheme for the walls (bedrooms, bathroom, hallway between living room and kitchen), but don’t have the energy to paint the rooms with too much stuff on the walls already. i wonder what colors would work best?

    i’ll try to take photos this weekend and see what people think.

  2. These are pretty doors to begin with — and the color makes them stellar. I’ve always wanted a glossy navy or turquoise door. Here’s hoping someday..

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