flower of the week: dutch tulips

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No matter how small my budget is, I always make room for flowers. Each week, I put together a few casual vase-fulls around my apartment. During 2009, I'd like to share my arrangements with you and perhaps a few tips. I hope you enjoy them!

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This week I had some tulips leftover from a New Years gathering. I cut
them short and bunched them (10 stems together) into squatty vases.
Since tulips grow in the vase, and these happen to be the type that I
don't like long, I clip them a little bit every day to keep the
arrangement short and round.


  1. I love tulips! I heard a while ago that adding a penny to the vase keeps the stems from bending, and it’s true! The stems stay nice and straight.

  2. I’m doing my 2009 budget this week & really want to make flowers at least a bi-weekly expenditure esp. during the winter months when I fear that spring will never appear! Beautiful tulips!

  3. I adore tulips, and always try to keep some fresh ones in the apartment – I’ll have to try your arrangement sometime soon, it’s lovely!

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