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Kids room 2Jonathan adler kids room

I tend to shy away from rooms that look like they were done by a decorator but I love the boldness and color in these two children's bedrooms. Forget the kids, I'd gladly occupy one of these spaces.

1. Decorated by Nathan Egan.

2. Decorated by Jonathan Adler.

From Elle Decor.


  1. They’re fantastic. I want to have children just so I can decorate for them! Or I could just have it for me, I guess.

  2. i do appreciate the boldness, but i also love large structures (like the bunk-bed/theater/fort). one day, i’m going to build something magnificent in my kids’ room, so that they have childhoods filled with magical fantasies.

  3. Hey Chelsea!!

    So this is Lissie (of Cory and Lissie you met on Sunday) crazy thing, I subscribed to your blog the last eighteen months or so!

    ‘Nway, love these rooms too. I used to think that I shied away from rooms that looked like a decorator did them, then I subscribed to domino mag and realized that actually I shy away from a particular brand(s) of decorator.


  4. Wow I completely agree, i want to have kids so then i can decorate their rooms like this 🙂 ok i sound crazy… just wanted to say i love love love your blog even though i have been to nervous to comment on it 🙂 lol. LOVE IT!

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