wild at heart by nikki tibbles

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Months ago in one of my book purging episodes, I sold this book to Powell's. Photographed by Martyn Thompson, it's a timeless and passionate look at flowers, perhaps my favorite flower book. What was I thinking? Have a looksie at more of the book here. Somebody snatched my copy up because I only see them available at Amazon now.


  1. Sometimes, that happens to me, You just get into a fit of purging and away things go … and two weeks later it’s like, what did I do???!!

    This looks beautiful.

  2. Before I started blogging, I got rid of ten years worth of design magazines…one of those ‘let’s get organized’ days! I could kick myself now!

    Martha B.

  3. I purged books once, when I finished grad school and was moving back to Ireland from Canada.

    I’m a pretty puritanical purger, but some of those books I still pine for. I’ve been more clingy with books ever since.

  4. Beautiful!! I’ve done things like that before; I try to move quickly and sometimes it’s effective, sometimes not. Also I am fairly ruthless about purging. I have three rules: is it beautiful? useful? sentimental?

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