tucker dresses


Growing up, we were required to wear dresses every single Sunday, all day long. We also had to dress up for every holiday, even if we were just home all day and we had no guests. Over the years, our holidays have gotten more and more casual. I love dressing up though. I'd love to be wearing one of these Tucker dresses for Thanksgiving. Do you get gussied up for holidays?


  1. We used to get dressed up more on holidays. Thanksgiving is more casual, with just a step up from jeans. Christmas dinner is still dressy. I think it is because Thanksgiving is just my immediate family and we are all a bit more relaxed in our style, while Christmas is all my extended family and is more of a party.

  2. Definitely dress up for the holidays — it’s part of the excitement!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment about the d*s guest posts — so excited about your new project and looking forward to more beautiful photos of each event 🙂


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