romantically dark walls

  Picture 132

Eating my words as I write this. I LOVE black and midnight blue walls. Thanks, Domino! In case you don't have their new issue, it's chock full of dark walls.

Picture 133


  1. I know I was thinking the same thing like 5 minutes ago flipping through it! I used to hate that color, but man does it look sexy here. Too bad my apartment is waaaaay too tiny for such a dark color!

  2. Knew you would love that issue as soon as I saw the J Crew style director on the cover. What could be better than J Crew and Domino!

  3. I just posted about this too! I was really impressed with all the dark walls in Domino this month. So bold, but still inviting. Can’t wait to have my own place so I can paint all over the walls! 🙂

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