guest blogger elisabeth: (un)bridesmaid dress


To all of you who said the pink dresses didn't look like a proper bridesmaid's dress you're right, they weren't! The girls wore silk Pazzi dresses from Calypso in three different shades of hot pink. They could be worn with flats (ceremony in a field!), had cute pockets, could definitely be worn again, and were cheap — on special for $89 when we bought them. One of the girls bought a second dress, in green, for a trip to Spain — and then wore the pink one to an anniversary brunch with her husband a few weeks ago.

And funnily enough two girls wore Pazzi dresses to the wedding — one blue, one orange. They were totally mortified but I thought it was great! I bought an extra dress just in case (of what I don't know) and might wear it to a wedding in Hilton Head next weekend. So easy!

Some colors are on sale here.  Other colors are full price here.


  1. They don’t look like “proper” bridesmaid dresses. THANK GOODNESS! So cute. And really, in this day and age when anything goes for the bride’s dress, is there really a set standard for a bridesmaid dress?

  2. It’s refreshing as a bridesmaid to be able to wear a dress that you can wear proper underwear with (no strapless bras or tummy flatteners in site!). I like to look pretty as a bridesmaid (well, maybe all the time!) but also be comfortable enough to do my bridesmaid duties and to dance.

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